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New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa

New Zealand Doctor is a niche publication aimed primarily at GPs and general practice, providing up-to-date news in print and online. Our brief is broad – if it affects general practice, its business, staff, patients or ethos we’re interested.

Published fortnightly, the newspaper is staffed by a team of experienced journalists, including reporters in Wellington and Dunedin, who are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs relevant to primary care.


Also drawing on a wide range of commentators we delve into the political and philosophical issues facing the health sector.

Pharmacy Today|Kaitiaki Rongoā o te Wā

Pharmacy Today is the leading pharmacy publication in New Zealand. Research shows that Pharmacy Today has virtually saturated market coverage, with 97% of pharmacists and pharmacy staff reading the publication each month. Published monthly, Pharmacy Today provides independent news, opinion and education aimed at pharmacy business owners and their staff.


Pharmacy Today's website is the place to go for daily news and opinion, as well as being the easiest place to undertake continued professional development for all pharmacy staff.  Supporting the web platform are a lively Facebook page and weekly newsletter @PharmacyToday​.


The Health Media also provide associated online learning for doctors and pharmacists across New Zealand.
With up to 5000 active users, ELearning is free to all New Zealand Doctor and Pharmacy Today subscribers, and signup is entirely free for all pharmacy staff.

ELearning provides online versions of New Zealand Doctor and Pharmacy Today's accredited How to Treat, How To Manage and Clinical Practice resources, as well as the Healthcare Handbook ELearning Path for all Pharmacy Staff. Where learners gain access to readings and interactive quizzes that earn them points with their associated Guild, College or Society.

The Healthcare Handbook

An essential guide for all pharmacy staff, as well as an accredited pharmacy audit text. The Healthcare Handbook is a convenient, comprehensive, single reference text for New Zealand pharmacies and learning institutions. 


Providing concise, editorially independent and up-to-date information on a broad range of common conditions, along with the appropriate medication options, the Healthcare Handbook is suitable for use by assistants, technicians, students and pharmacists.​


Advertising packages are available for all budgets in the Healthcare Handbook.

Everybody Patient Sheets

Written by independent medical writers, Everybody patient sheets are a consumer information resource designed to be given to the patient, at the right moment, directly after consultation with a health professional.


If you are a New Zealand registered health professional, Everybody patient sheets are available free of charge, and can be downloaded for quick ease of use. The sheets are customised so that your name is shown on the material, enabling your patient to remember who provided the resource.


Advertising packages are available on this product for suitable advertisers. 

The Roster Te Rārangi

The Roster Te Rārangi keeps folks up to date with people on the move in the health sector, from primary care organisations to DHBs and the NGOs.

A free, fortnightly email newsletter, The Roster Te Rārangi is compiled by an experienced health journalist.

It is never dull in health - change is a constant. The Roster Te Rārangi gives its subscribers a chance to look over the fence at who's working where in health.

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New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards 

The New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora showcase innovation, collaboration and superlative outcomes in the primary healthcare sector. 


A strong primary care sector is crucial to a successful New Zealand health system, providing great care for patients and a great work environment.  


The Health Media and the Pharmacy Guild believe the awards will encourage collaboration and innovation in primary care, and allow the healthcare sector in general, and the public, to see how hard primary care practitioners work to improve the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders, and keep them out of the secondary care (hospital) system. 

The Popcorn Panels

Grab some popcorn, hit the couch and join members of The Health Media team and panellists as they chat and take questions from the audience about issues that matter to primary care and the wider health sector and where you might fit into the picture.

The Popcorn Panels are brought to you by New Zealand Doctor|Rata Aotearoa, Pharmacy Today|Kaitiaki Rongoā O Te Wā and The Roster Te Rārangi.

You can find details of previous Popcorn Panels and what’s coming up below.

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